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Vicenza, Veneto, Italy


This wine marks the beginning of the Cavazza wine making family; founded in 1928 and continuously operated under our family’s ownership and management. Blending traditional and innovative winemaking practices, our winery draws from sustainably farmed vineyards to create an outstanding portfolio of fine estate grown and bottled wines in perfect harmony with nature.

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Medium Dry
Medium Acid
Full Body

2010 to Now
Natural Wine

757 mL
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With an alcohol content of 12.5% Vol. and a residual sugar of 4 g/l, this wine is best enjoyed at a serving temperature of 12-14°C/54-57°F. The bright and lively ruby red color captivates the eye, while the bouquet offers an enticing nose of red berries, including redcurrants and forest fruits, complemented by subtle herbal notes.

On the palate, experience a soft and mouth-filling texture with a hint of tannins, leading to a persistent finish. The total acidity measures 5.3 g/l, striking a harmonious balance. This Cabernet is a versatile companion, pairing seamlessly with oven-cooked pasta dishes featuring rich meat sauces, as well as main courses featuring white meat and mixed grill barbecues.

Sealed with a classic wooden cork, the wine is presented in a 750 ml bottle. The terroir, characterized by clay and limestone, imparts distinctive characteristics to the varietal - Cabernet, cultivated using the Guyot training system on vines with an average age of 20 years. 

The grapes are meticulously harvested during the second half of October, and the winemaking process involves skin contact for about 7-8 days. Primary fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 23°C max/73.4°F, followed by maturation and aging for 4 to 5 months in stainless steel tanks. 

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Memories and traditions

Our story begins with a house; a house that Giovanni Cavazza bought together with a Bocara vineyard after moving from Montecchia di Crosara, in the province of Verona, to Selva di Montebello Vicentino. It is 1928 and Giovanni has already spent 50 years amongst beloved vineyards, growing up next to them alongside his brothers. This is the year that “Cavazza” and the stories of a vineyard were born. These are stories we tell every day with genuine passion in the old house in Selva, that is still today the home and heart of our company. These stories are an integral part of our wines and for those who choose them, they are enjoying decades of our life’s moments, hopes, dreams and victories.

Philosophy and creation

The unconditional love we have for those vines, explored a thousand times by children, hold us tightly together as the threads of our lives, designing our present and our future. This is us today, the fourth-generation of the Cavazza family. Before we’re recognized as a big company, we are a big family, built with a cornerstone of values that have defined our identity since our founder Giovanni Cavazza.

Protecting the Landscape

Our grapes, our vineyards, our land: these are the three souls of Cavazza wine. They are inseparable and irreplaceable, all born from the same life-giving source, the environment, and without it nothing would be possible.
We’ve always been mindful that we cannot create a quality product without respecting the raw materials. That respect leads us to deeply care for and protect our landscape, with the same commitment we put into our daily work.

by Cavazza

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